Fidelity Gurantee / Money Insurance

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This Policy provides insurance against loss by reason of the dishonesty of persons holding positions of trust.

The Policy indemnifies an employer against direct financial loss resulting from acts of dishonesty, fraud, misappropriation or embezzlement by an employee in the course of his employment. 

This cover is recommended for accountants, cashiers and other employees who handle money in the normal course of their work.

To enable the underwriter assess their risk properly, he will need:

  1. Names and positions of those to be covered.
  2. Amount to be guaranteed each employee.


This policy provides cover for the loss of money whilst being carried to and from the business premises, e.g., from the business entity to the bank and vice-versa.

Provision is also made for the loss of money on the entity’s premises whilst kept in securely locked safes or strong rooms.  It also covers damage to safes or strong rooms occasioned by or in the course of theft or attempted theft.

The cover is made up of:

  1. Estimated Annual Cash carried

-  Limit Any One Carrying

  1. Money carried for the payment of salaries of workers
  2. Cash In Safe
  3. Hold up


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